Wednesday, 15 August 2012

15 August 2012 - Geike Gorge near Fitzroy Crossing

Geike Gorge is about 20km from Fitzroy Crossing. We did the boat ride ($45 family) which was worth doing, it's really just two barges joined together so they can carry a lot of people but the sound system is good. It was impressive to see the wet season water level just by the change in colour on the rock face. One hell of a lot of water. I found the tour booking gazebo really interesting as there were flood markers indicating the various water levels over the years, including one flood where the water was a few metres above the top of the gazebo. There are a few walking tracks to the gorge, but they don't really enable you to see much of the gorge itself.

While at the Gorge, Kate picked up off the ground a 16GB memory stick from a digital camera. It has hundreds of holiday photos on it, taken by a passenger on the Scenic Tours group that were on our boat. We rang Scenic Tours a couple of times to get the tour guide to call us so we could arrange to drop off the memory card but no-one has. It would be awful to lose so many photos, but we are not sure what to do with it. I thought I might post a picture of the family on Facebook and see what happens from that. Any other suggestions welcome.

While in Fitzroy Crossing, we stayed at the Fitzroy Crossing Resort which includes units and a camping area. The amenities’ block and other infrastructure have been constructed on mounds because the whole caravan park floods every year when the river breaks its banks. Must be a massive clean-up job once the water recedes.

Travel Tip: Fitzroy Crossing is good for a one or two night stopover. Well stocked IGA supermarket. Servo accepts Coles Vouchers. There are a few Aboriginal art galleries in the area.

Change in colour on rockface shows the wet season water level

Different colours within the gorge

Five of these tractors, each towing a camper trailer or small van arrived at Fitzroy Crossing during our stay. It would be a long slow drive around Australia, but at least you wouldn't have to worry about getting bogged!


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