Monday, 18 February 2013

18 February 2013 - Gnomesville WA

Now this was something quite unique.  Between Bunbury and Collie is 'Gnomesville'.  Not a town as such, just an area near a roundabout that is full of garden gnomes, not just a few, but thousands.  I love these quirky Australian .....what?  Things, locations, activities, attractions, simply weird stuff?

Just a small section of the gnomes

The story goes that in 1995 a roundabout was built at a very quiet country intersection and created public discussion as to the cost of such a roundabout in a deserted mill town. An unknown resident of the area placed a gnome at the intersection to watch as the roundabout was built. Then a second gnome was placed at the roundabout and so on.

An example of a family of gnomes

New gnomes are added by tourists and visiting clubs and groups and a wedding has even been held at Gnomesville. There are well over 5000 gnomes now happily residing at Gnomesville.    I guess if we had known what to expect, we would probably have purchased a gnome and added it to the collection as well.

Many gnomes were quite funny
You basically just park your car and follow the various trails which branch off in all directions into the bush, around a bridge and down into a stream.  We spent nearly an hour there.  Many of the gnomes have been hand painted and have funny captions added.  There is no charge to wander around, it is completely unattended which is amazing in itself.  Apparently it’s bad luck to damage or steal a gnome, so that may explain how it survives largely intact save for storm damage and animals in the area.

Some were a bit rude....

I can't find the right word to describe Gnomesville.  I'll let the photos do the talking!  Needless to say, the girls loved it. 
Kate's favourite gnomes

Elizabeth's favourite gnomes - Roam Gnome More.

Travellers Tip:  Purchase and decorate your own gnome (Big W, Kmart, Reject shop, Bunnings).  A great activity for kids to add their own creation to this bizarre but special collection! Gnomesville is an easy detour from Bunbury.


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